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Becky is skittle's mother and a stereotypical Facebook mom. She was 43 years old and five days after Skittle was bondaged in 2007 (so she is roughly 57 years old in 2021). She killed Pablo Jr. with Minion memes in #general in the video Life of a Discord Mod (24 hours).


In the video Discord Mod VS Facebook Mom, she believes it to still be 2007, when it's really 2021, probably because of the trauma of the disappearance of her son, Skittle. She goes into the server, "Lesters Minivan" due to the disappearance of her son, where she meets Eugene who greets her and aks is she is female. She forgets about her son and decides to start sending out un-funny minion memes which she believe so are actually funny. Eugene repsonds by sending out another minion meme and saying that she is not being funny and she shouls stop unless she wants to get bannned from the server. She calls herself his mom and talks to him, then procceds to make a bad cow joke, all of which enfuriates Eugene even more. She then procceds to give him his own exact adresss which shocks and scares Eugene, so he asks how in the world he had managed to get his exact address. She explains her whole plan and mechanism in why she used the minion memes in order to hack him and get his address. He ask why she is doing this and who she works for. She claim she works alone, send him some cupcake photo and procceds to go offline.

A different verison of her appears as Mama Skittlle in the When a Friend owes you $5.00 and punished skittle so that he gives Beluga the $5 that he owes, which he does but later result in the end of Beluga friendship.

The memes she posted result in the death of the discord mod, Pablo Jr during the Life of a Discord Mod (24 hours) video.

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