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Belu-mom saying "What is that noise?".

You're grounded.
When you think your parents aren't around...

Belu-mom is a supporting character in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. As the name implies, she is the mother of Beluga.


When Mom Calls You for Dinner...

When the Doctor tells you bad news...

In When the Doctor tells you bad news.... nearly at the end of the video Belu-Mom DM's Beluga and asks him where all of the family's money had gone. Beluga admits that he spent all of the money, so Belu-mom grounded Beluga but he responded back with a Reverse Card. Belu-mom sends a yellow card, with the symbols changed into a white knife. Thus the screen turns to darkness and stabbing knives can be heard in the end indicating that Beluga dies/injured by Belu-Mom.

When Parents Say "We Need to Talk..."

In When Parents Say "We Need to Talk...", Belu-mom installs cameras all around Beluga's room and uses them to spy on Beluga. She then finds out that Beluga has been searching about pepper. So she finds pepper's location and invites her for dinner. But then in the dinner table, Belu-mom says to pepper that Beluga has a huge crush on her and searches her on the internet all the time. pepper then leaves the dinner table and the video then ends.

When Mom asks you to play your music...

When Mom asks you to play your music..., Belu-mom told Beluga to play his music. Beluga plugs in his phone and plays his "safe music" playlist. It plays "Baby Shark". When Beluga plays his next music, (e.g., when he pressed to play the next song, it went that he was now playing his own playlist and that the song he was playing was Boom Boom Pow.) When Belu-Mom founds out he was playing his own music, she asked Beluga to play his playlist. When Beluga declines, Belu-mom says that she fought in WW2 and that she can handle his music. When Beluga finally agrees he played his own music. When the song was playing, it shows that a car is peacefully driving but suddenly goes off and hits the ground then the car starts to burn. Suddenly grandma appears. She told them if she could play her "grandma's hits" playlist. When Belu-mom agrees, it happened the same that the car starts to fly over suddenly and then burns. After that, the video ended. The songs which were played here were Mundian To Bach Ke and Tom Ching Cheng Hanji.

When you think your parents aren't around...

In When you think your parents aren't around..., Belu-mom appears near the end of the video. Where she tells Beluga that he's grounded for making loud noises. Beluga is confused and asks why she's here as it's 3:17 am and she starts work at 3 am. Belu-mom replies that she now works at his school.

Boys vs Girls Sleepover

In Boys vs Girls Sleepover, Belu-mom first appears when giving the boys dinner. Beluga is disgusted by what she had and asked if he had told her to come downstairs. Later, she comes back down to the basement after skittle calls her, and everyone quickly pretends to be asleep. Unfortunately, they are found out after scemer makes a noise. Belu-mom promptly deletes the channel Beluga and his friends are in, causing them all to vanish.

When Mom "Borrows" Your Phone

In When Mom "Borrows" Your Phone, Belu-mom asks Beluga if she can borrow his phone. Then she finds out that snowie is texting Beluga. Beluga claims it's a scam and Belu-mom believes him until she checks his photos, which shows Beluga and snowie hanging out.

When You Show Your Mom A Meme...

In When You Show Your Mom A Meme..., Beluga shows Belu-mom some memes. At first, she doesn't get them, but then she starts to find it funny until she finds a meme about her. She then confiscates Beluga's phone.


  • Belu-mom fought in World War II.[1]
  • She married Papa Beluga in 2001.
  • Her mother name is Grandma. It is known that grandma was her mother because grandma was beluga's grandmother.
  • She is a supporting mother of Beluga