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Beluga is the main character in the Beluga Cinematic Universe as the YouTube channel has the same name and most of the videos are from his point of view. He has a song on Spotify called "Belupacito", and He is often portrayed as the protagonist in the Beluga Cinematic Universe videos. He can be rather mischievous and is usually neutral towards most people. He occasionally uses another identity called 'Beluwuga' with an anime girl profile picture to manipulate people. He has also been working at Subway since 2019.


There are two possible places of residence of Beluga:

  1. 123 Freddy Fazbear Pizza in Honolulu, Hawaii.[1]
  2. Somewhere near the station Pongwa in Pyongyang, North Korea.[2]

He is 12 years old.[3]

His bedtime is always at 7pm.


On May 3rd, 2007, Beluga had a conversation with Skittle on Discord. After not having contact for a long time, Beluga contacted him on Discord sometime between May 3rd, 2020 and May 2nd, 2021. His mother used the account and wrote him back that Skittle has a new account: skittle_new_account#1945. That account had a Rick Roll link as its bio and it is unknown if Skittle just trolled Beluga, because Skittle used the other account later on.[4]

On June 6th, 2021, Beluga joined a server to play Among Us, but he found out that he wasn't verified yet and got muted due to spamming by Ralph, a moderator of the server.

The next day, Beluga wasn't muted anymore. To get verified, Beluga had to read the server rules, a 438MB file. Ralph gave Beluga ten minutes to read it before a quiz.

Ten minutes later, he took Ralph's quiz, which contained a lot of personal questions. After finishing, Ralph said that he still doesn't trust Beluga and asked him to send a photograph of his face, but Beluga just sent him a rickroll link.[5]

Someday, Beluga joined Lester's Minivan. He said that he wants to be banned, but Lester tells him that no one can leave the server. Beluga tried it, but it didn't work. Then, he told Lester that he has an e-girl address, but just sent him a rick roll link. Lester muted him for 13 hours for that.

On June 15th, 2021, Beluga had a conversation with Eugene on Lester's Minivan. Beluga asked him where he lives, and after Eugene answered, he said that no one asked and disputed that he asked. Also, he called Eugene an egg. Eugene got very upset and pinged Lester, who muted Beluga for 14 days.[6]

On June 23th, 2021, Beluga joined Pablo's Pub. The first thing he did is ask for mod. After Pablo, the Head Admin of the server, asked him to slow down, he started to spam until he got eventually muted by Pablo.

Later, he tried to impress Pablo by telling him that he speaks fluent English, owns 31 discord servers, is a bot developer and works at Subway. Pablo wasn't impressed and muted him.

Then, Beluga changed his profile picture to an anime girl and changed his Discord name to 'Beluwuga'. He asked Pablo for mod again and tells him that he is a girl. The strategy worked and Beluga received the Mod role. After that, Pablo asked if they want to go on a date, and listed a bunch of restaurants. But then, Beluga, now with his normal username, told him that he wants food from Subway, and Pablo realized that he was tricked.[1]

On June 29, 2021, Beluga's 14 day mute on Lester's Minivan was finally over. He asked Skittle for help, who joined as Skittle-chan. He told Lester that he is looking for a boyfriend, but then Beluga asked him if he wants to be his girlfriend. Lester got upset and finally banned Beluga. Skittle and Lester were now alone, and Skittle wasn't seen again for a very long time.[6]

On July 1st, 2021, Beluga joined a server as Beluwuga. Pablo was a moderator on the server and has an argument with Beluwuga after joining, but after Beluwuga said he will leave, Pablo told him to stay and tells Beluga that he loves him. After flirting a little, he asked him to click on a link, which gave him Beluga's IP. He then asked the real Beluga to track the IP, and got the address. It turns out to be somewhere near the station Pongwa in Pyongyang, North Korea. Afterwards, Pablo booked a flight to North Korea, where he met Beluga, who turns out to be a human.

in the year 2007, Beluga and Skittle were discussing if ketchup or mustard is better in Pablo's Pub. Then, Pablo got online and wrote some messages, but Beluga and Skittle just ignored him. Then back in probably late august (maybe the 30th) of 2021, skittle started up the conversation again. Pablo got angry and muted Beluga. Afterwards, Beluga and Skittle planned to take over the server at night.

At 3 AM of the next day, Beluga posted a meme in the general chat of Pablo's Pub. Then, he asks Pablo why he has a beard on his neck, but not his chin. Pablo seems to be very angry about that and makes a new server rule: 'Staff disrespect is now punishable by death.' Pablo is about to ban Beluga, but then, Skittle, with the nickname 'skittle-chan' and an anime girl profile picture, showed up, told Pablo that he found him attractive and asks for mod afterwards. Pablo seems to believe that he's a girl and transfers him the ownership.[7]

On July 8, 2021, Beluga joined a server and Theodore told him to get out and told him he needed Nitro to talk in the server. Beluga went to subscribe to Discord Nitro and tried to make a fake credit card number with a website, but it redirected him to a webpage saying "WARNING! your computer may be infected." Next, he spam pinged Theodore who said "I told you to leave". He tries to indirectly ask Theodore to buy him nitro, who in return threatens to ban him. Beluga asks Theodore for nitro with an "uwu". He then tries to get Theodore's pity by saying that last night, he got 1 hour of sleep, stepped on a lego, his toast got burned, and his cereal ran out. Theodore replied "good, let me add to your suffering" and banned Beluga. Beluga then rejoined the server as Beluwuga, his female alter ego. He had a conversation with Theodore, who bought him nitro. However, this came at a cost; Beluga was reported missing the next day. However, was but then, a "docter" told him he had only 1 minute to live, but he was spam(kinda, as in the end, we can tell that beluga was either dead/injured by his mother, belu-mom.


  • Beluga's profile picture in Discord is based on a polite cat meme.
  • The hypothetical place where Beluga lives at (123 Freddy Fazbear Pizza) is fictional and may be a reference to the fictional pizzaria of the same name and address in FNaF.



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