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Beluga Jr. is a side character in the Beluga Cinematic Universe, also known as Beluga's son.


Beluga Jr. is a innocent character who tells jokes and trust people easily. He also usually misspell words whenever he's typing.


When You Accidentally Download a Virus...[]

hecker asked Beluga Jr. what he wanted and Beluga Jr. DMed hecker that all he wanted is friends, hecker told him to download a virus "robux.exe" to be his friend after when Beluga Jr. download the virus, then when Beluga Jr. noticed that his computer keeps getting "An Unknown Error has Occurred" tabs.

13 hours later, Beluga Jr. went to Pablo's Pub and chatted "I like ketchup" then skittle-chan agreed with him. Beluga Jr. was about to say something to skittle-chan, but the virus has started spamming "😀HE😀LLO!!!😀THERE!!!😀WANT FREE ROBUX??CLICK->😊" with a mysterious link.

Skittle-chan shouted "MODS" then Pablo said "That's enough" Beluga Jr. said "gguys t-tthats not me i- would nnever spam" But Pablo didn't believe him, and said "Excuses, excuses. You better behave" "no listen i-" Beluga Jr. said. The spam activated again,"MODS" skittle-chan shouted again. Pablo muted Beluga Jr. for 14 days.

The robux.exe file started multiplying. Beluga Jr. is asking hecker for help, but hecker went offline. skittle-chan DMs Beluga Jr. and she ask what happened to him, Beluga Jr. was about to say he thinks he got hacked but it wont let him because of the virus. The virus started sending some flirty lines to skittle-chan. But a bot said "Your message could not be delivered." Beluga Jr. searched in google "how to rremove virus" then the results said "1.step 1:Delete the virus." Beluga Jr. followed the step and did remove all of the robux.exe files. Another file suddenly pops up named "nice try.exe" Beluga Jr. deleted that but another file suddenly pops up named "i can see you.exe" Beluga Jr. moved it to trash again but another file pops up named "knock knock.exe".

School Fundraisers Be Like...[]