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Countries Portrayed by Discord is the third video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. It is considered a non-canon episode though.


List of Characters


A bunch of country-theme Discord users, probably just people from the Beluga cinematic universe playing a game, all join a Discord server to chat.

Japan, AmericanUSA, and Canada are the first to join. Japan, (possibly played by literally any female, but probably played by pepper) and AmericanUSA (probably played by Beluga) start talking, but the conversation ends awkward. They are then interrupted by Democratic Republic of Congo aka Canada, (possibly played by Dennis) joining. Then, AmericanUSA asks who invited Canada and Canada responds that despite that they are active through diplomatic, international aid, humanitarian, security and trade channels and lastly "it was not I." AmericanUSA says that he didn't ask. Canada apologizes for this. AmericanUSA starts asking to Japan if they would like to have a dinner together, but are interrupted by the elegant Britain (Possibly played by Hecker) joining, and then proceeds to roast AmericanUSA.

Chad (played by Chad) then joins and starts flirting with Japan, to which AmericanUSA gets mad because they want to go out with Japan. Japan and Chad leave the conversation, and AmericanUSA is left chatting with Britain. They propose they both ping Russia (probably played by skittle, because they have same profile picture) since he's offline, to which Britain responds that it is a terrible idea. AmericanUSA then proceeds to spam @Russia, which makes Russia go online, and very mad. He then bans AmericanUSA.

Then AmericanUSA joins the group as "American Samoa" who gets immediately caught for being an alt account. The group starts to have an acceptable conversation, as more countries like Sweden (probably played by Vladimir, because he can speak lots of languages) and Italy (played by someone unknown) join. Then Russia bans "American Samoa" for being an alt account. Ireland (possibly Big Ed) then joins and start offering beer, and Japan briefly mentions they are only 12. China (possibly Pablo) then DMs Japan that Russia will ban them for being underaged. Russia will then catch Japan, and now only ban them, but also merge every channel to one.