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Discord Ban Speedrun (97.1% effective) is the fifth video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.


List of Characters


Beluga enters a Discord server trying to perform a ban speedrun, however the server's head-admin, Lester, is not okay with this and traps Beluga so that he cannot leave the server. Beluga tries to annoy Lester and the other members, but it all fails. In the end, Beluga seeks the help of skittle and devise a plan to fool Lester. In it, skittle pretends to be "skittle-chan" to flirt with Lester, but to fall for Beluga in front of Lester's face. In response to this, Lester bans Beluga so that only he can be with "skittle-chan". However, Lester ends up moving skittle to Mexico, disappearing from the Beluga universe.