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Discord Light Mode Users Be Like... is a video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.


Beter joins a Discord server, and Beluga says hi to him. Beter asks, "What if I told you you could live forever?"

Beluga is in disbelief, when Beter says that there would be unlimited power, and that it's even possible to save your loved ones.

Beluga asks if he can learn this power, and Beter tells him that a dark mode user can't. Beluga is confused, and then Beter says that Discord light mode is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be unnatural.

Beluga asks if Beter thinks he is dumb, and then laughs. In return, Beter says that Beluga is dumb, but then says that he is serious. He then says that light mode will let you see things that normal people can't.

Beluga refuses, and says that light mode kills your eyes, and that's all.

Beter says that Beluga is wrong, and then says that that's what they want you to believe.

Beluga asks who they is, and then Beter replies with "Society".

Beluga is still resistant, and won't turn on light mode.

Beter keeps insisting that Beluga joins him, until Beluga finally cracks, but says that he'll only do it for a minute.

Beter is satisfied, and then Beluga goes into his settings to change his theme. As soon as he turns it on, he is blinded, and then starts spamming, saying that he can't see.

Beter tells him that his arrogance blinds him, but Beluga is still spamming random characters.

Beter then tells him to focus on the light, and let its power run through him.

Beluga says that it's too bright, and then asks for help.

Beter once again tells him to focus on the light, this time with several lightbulb emojis.

Beluga says that all he sees is light, and Beter says "Good."

Beluga gets fed up, and says that he's turning it off. After several random clicks, he is able to change back to dark mode.

Beluga sighs in relief, but Beter calls him pathetic, because he didn't even last a minute.

Beluga tells Beter that he knows of a power greater than his.

Beter says that that's impossible.

Beluga tells him to go to settings.

Beter goes to his settings, and a new appearance titled "Yellow" appears.

Beter asks what it is and how Beluga got it on his computer.

Beluga tells him that that's a secret, and then tells him to turn it on.

At first, Beter is resistant, but after a while, he finally complies. He clicks it, and then his screen turns a very bright yellow, with discord user pfps being light blue. He clicks like crazy, flipping through a lot of the channels, until the back of his computer explodes and it gets set on fire.