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Discord Mod VS Flat Earther is a video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.


'It does not end well.

Discord mods are the most powerful beings in the world... but what happens when a flat earther joins the server?''


The vidoe stats with a starts with A flat earther named Sbeve, who comes into the server, Pablo's Pub and declares that the earth is flat and that he has proof. Pablo ignored him, as he was not a female, and flat-out told him that the earth was obviosly round, which intreagued Sbeve who laughged at him, and they argued with yes or no for a while. Sbeve sent out a meme as prooof to Pablo, but since Pablo took that as Staff disrepspect he decided to mute Sbeve for two hours.

after two horus Sbeve came back, still declring that the earth was flat. He asked Pablo(hwo had initialy confused hima s female) if he had been outside, whcih they repleid that thye had seen pain and suffering last novemebr. He then asked if he ahd been on a plane(yes, private yet) and that the clouds he saw where created by Obama to hide the fact that the earth was flat. An annoyed Pablo theateaned to ban him for staff disrespect, and Lester came and callled him a sussy baka for telling them to go outside before asking for his location so he could be skittles "playmate" but a nerveous Sbeve managed to defeat him by asking who had invited him there. Lester said he was the head admin, but Sbeve ratioed him, which was enough to defeat him. Finally, Pablo asked him that if he really believed that the earth was flat then he should show his evidence to Pablo.Sbeve then sends a shoe meme abou the earth and later asked him about how marbles did not curve. Somehow, all of that was able to Convince Pablo that indeed the earth was flat. Pablo still had the quesiton of if the earth was flat, if people fell of the edge, which Sbeve responded that indeed they did and that was how people went missing, which makes Pablo wonder if that is where all of his friends went. After being asked, Pablo admitted that Sbeve had won and he was a flat earther now.

Later that night, Pablo informed a shcoked, and happy Sbeve hat the edege of the earth has been found. Pablo gave him the link of the video he found on facebook, but it turned out to be a prank and he went to a rickroll instead.