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Discord Mods Be Like... is the first video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. It also was the first video in which Beluga and Ralph appeared.


Beluga joins a Discord server to play Among Us with some random people, and gets introduced to the super strict mod, Ralph. He proves to be very distrustful to Beluga, and gets offended by everything Beluga does. To verify Beluga, Ralph first tasks him to read the server's rules, all compressed into a text file that weights 438 GB. Ralph gives Beluga ten minutes to read it before a quiz. Beluga has to abide and ends up reading not only the rules, but also the Book of Genesis.

After this, Beluga tries out a quiz that asks a ton of personal questions, which takes him two hours. Even after this, Ralph doesn't trust Beluga and requests a photograph of his face. Beluga complies, but the "picture" is actually a Rickroll, which blows up Ralph's house.


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  • Right before Ralph explains why the rules.txt file is so long, he says sussy amogus