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Kid, you crossed the line.
Win Any Argument in 9.17 Seconds

Eugene is a character in the BCU (Beluga Cinematic Universe). He is a Discord Mod at Pablo's Pub.


On July 14th, 2021, Eugene had a conversation with Beluga on Lester's Minivan. Beluga asked him where he lives, and after he answered, he said that no one asked and disputed that he asked. Also, he called Eugene an egg. Eugene got very mad (even though he does look like a fat egg) and pinged Lester, who muted Beluga for 14 days.

Eugene also appears in the Video Discord Mod Applications Be Like... as a discord Mod. He is asked by Beluga how to become a discord mod himself, but Eugene doubts him s it took 3 years for him to get the title of Mod. Later, after repeated tries and annoyances of Beluga to become a mod, He was about to ban Beluga, before Pablo came out, questioned him, and made him the new Co-Owner. He asks Beluga out that night for dinner, but his house explodes then he learns that Beluga has employment in the FBI

Eugene is the main antagonist in the video Win Any Argument in 9.17 Seconds as he is defending Fortnite despite Belugas opinions of it. The video starts with Beluga rudely stating that Fortnite is bad, and so Eugene comes online to defend it. Beluga uses many methods to make Eugene lose, such as facts, logic, imitation, memes and just flat-out saying yes to everything, all of which fail to defeat Eugene. Finally, he tried the ultimate strategy, which is to fake to be a female, as when he tried that Eugene instantly fell head-over-heals for him and agreed to Beluga, after asking him out 40 times.

Eugene hasn’t laughed in 12 years, before laying in 2021 to impress someone he believed to be a girl. He is 25 years old in 2022. In When you have a Substitute Teacher..., Eugene is seen to be a Substitute Teacher in Kindergarten who is a Cocomelon fan.

In When you think the mods are offline..., Eugene comes online after Skittle says that he's not having fun. Eugene then starts sending "Minions" memes which annoys Skittle, then Skittle goes offline.

Eugene also appears in When you watch a movie in class... and When Class ends in 1 minute..., albeit as a student. In When you watch a movie in class he came in Late and blocked Belugas view of the movie, and later offered his Sleeping Bag to Beluga. He also warns Beluga against picking the remote and changing the movie after Walt leaves since he could damage the video and it could be dangerous, something which was ultimately correct. And in When Class ends in 1 minute, he reminds the psychopathic Ms. White about homework before Beluga can leave, which results in his death.

Eugene appears once again in "I don't speak English as a Discord Mod. He gets pranked by Beluga claiming he does not speak English, and as such, Eugene pranks him for breaking the rules. Beluga comes back and says he speaks Amonganese now. Eugene is about to Ban him since he broke the rules again since the server is English only, no other languages. Before he can complete the ban, A Japanese female arrives, but she can't speak English. Eugene is sad that they are not able to communicate, and Beluga tells her that this server is English only, so she should leave but Eugene amends the rule. Beluga starts speaking in Japanese and Eugene askes him, so he said he used Google translate. Eugene uses Goggle translate but finds out she called him an Egg. He gets angry and prepares to ban her under the excuse that non-English languages are forbidden, however, Beluga reveals it was him all along and that Eugene got pranked. Eugene then asked if he had called him and egg. Beluga said that it was part of the joke, but Eugene was having none of it and decided to promptly ban Beluga from the server for Mod Disrespect.


  • His name comes from the Oregon city Eugene
  • Pablo’s profile picture is actually a photo of American podcaster and YouTuber Ethan Klein or h3h3productions.
  • Eugene might have his head a egg possibly because he was born with a head egg disease however he's still alive with the disease.