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Eugene is a character in The Beluga Cinematic Universe. He is a member of Lester's Minivan and The Library. He is also a rotten egg.


On July 14th, 2021,Eugene have bought into a grocery then, beluga bought an egg then taadaaa we have Eugene the Egg. Eugene had a conversation with Beluga on Lester's Minivan. Beluga asked him where he lives, and after he answered, he said that no one asked and disputed that he asked. Also, he called Eugene an egg. Eugene got very mad and pinged Lester, who muted Beluga for 14 days.

Eugene hasn’t laughed in 12 years, before laying in 2021 to impress someone he believed to be a girl.

He was 40 years old in 2021.

His Wi-Fi Password is ilovebeluga1,and it is so cringe