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The heck?”

-Hecker’s quote whenever something is out of place.

Hecker shows up in many of Beluga's videos. He is what seems to be the former deuteragonist (although, sometimes Hecker can be considered to be the antagonist) and is now a recurring character in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. Hecker replaced Skittle for a while and became Beluga’s right hand man and best friend.

His real name starts with the letter S. He is next-door neighbors with both Lester and Beluga. He also has his own hiring website where people can hire him for his hecking services (see image below). His name is meme from hacker.

Hecker's website


Hecker was created in a lab as a weapon against Beluga;[1] his real name starts with the letter "S".[2] He has claimed that he became CEO of Microsoft on February 4, 2014[3] and, until 2021, believed that his birthday was August 15.[1] It is not inconceivable that Hecker has some relation to Skittle, whose name starts with an "S" and who disappeared and was cloned around the time Hecker first appeared. Also, Lester Said "your secret is safe with me" which could indicate that Beluga was going to say that Hecker's name is Skittle, but Lester put a stop to it. The two have also both been abducted by Lester. but we believe Hecker is not Skittle and maybe is just a person whose name start with S.

The Lester Saga[]

Meeting Beluga[]

Hecker first met Beluga on July 14th, 2021. Hecker threatens Beluga and taunts him that he has found Beluga's password, however Beluga’s pure idiocy annoys Hecker. Eventually Lester comes and Hecker runs away. Beluga left to fend for himself, is saved when Hecker hecks into Lester’s account. Eventually the real Lester knocks on the door, forcing Hecker to escape sometime later.

Hecker then talks to Beluga on July 20, 2021, explaining that his "PC" (actually a Mac) had a virus that targeted his bank and stole ¥3,199,999.65 from the Japan bank, framing him for the largest robbery since EA. He tried to give him an "anti-virus" called cryptolocker.exe. To ward off the FBI's attack, Hecker told Beluga to give him a ¥2000 gift card, which he used to bribe the FBI. Hecker in return, asks Beluga to pay him ¥1,600,000 for “Saving Beluga's life." Beluga then attempts to block Hecker, but it doesn't work, Beluga also tries to turn off his computer and that too wasn't working. Hecker had hecked Beluga's computer, and was somehow overriding these actions. But it didn't stop Beluga from just unplugging his Mac.[3] This somehow stops Hecker from hecking Beluga's computer.

Helping Beluga[]

Hecker then later appears on July 30th, 2021. Beluga asks him for help after his battery began to die while he was having a conversation with Skittle-Chan. Beluga claims he has no charger, so Hecker hands him a battery killer file and while this temporarily helps Beluga, when he used it the battery overcharges and blows up the phone. In later episodes of Beluga's shenanigans he has a phone, signifying he either bought a new phone, Apple repaired his broken one, or every episode is a different universe.

Meeting Beluga Jr.[]

On August 1st, 2021. Hecker asks Beluga Jr. to download a file that he sent. Beluga's son, being very gullible as young children on the internet are, downloads it. This causes his computer to uncontrollably spam a free robux URL throughout Pablo’s Pub. Pablo mutes Beluga despite his pleas. Hecker also uses the computer virus to flirt with skittle-chan through Beluga's computer. Beluga asks Hecker for help but, Hecker intentionally goes offline.

Befriending Beluga[]

On August 7th, 2021. Hecker attempts to login to Beluga’s Google account. Beluga is suspicious, however, Hecker somehow manages to convince Beluga into helping him answer the security questions. Beluga takes notices that someone is hecking his Google account, however, Hecker reassures him it is nothing. Beluga then listens to his advice, but things only get worse. All the passwords for Beluga’s social media accounts have been changed. Beluga attempts to message Skittle-Chan only to find out he has been blocked due to Hecker spamming the Free Robux URL. Pablo then thanks Beluga for buying the whole server Nitro, an action done by Hecker, using Beluga's bank account. Beluga than asks tells Hecker he is ¥100,000 in debt. This is where Hecker hits a turning point in his character. Hecker then hecks Beluga ¥1,000,000,000 showing that Hecker can actually be helpful. Beluga doesn't keep his one billion yen for long. Immediately after Beluga gets this money, he spends it on a $1,000,000,000 glass of milk with ice from Starbucks.

Hecker’s Birthday[]

On August 15th, Hecker believes it to be his birthday, so at 12:01 AM he enthusiastically spams the server, which annoys Pablo, who mutes Hecker. Hecker than spams Beluga at 5:26 AM! Beluga is irritated and goes offline. Hecker waits until 7:30 to add several confetti emojis along with a cake emoji. Right after he changes his name, he spams Beluga once more. Hecker can't stop “shouting” happily at Beluga in their DMs. Hecker says to Beluga that today it is a "BIG DAY", and Beluga thinks that Hecker is talking about India’s Independence Day. This annoys Hecker, but he keeps his spirits up. Hecker keeps giving obvious hints throughout the day until, at 11:59 PM, Hecker tells everyone it’s their last chance. No one has any clue what he is talking about. So at 12:00 AM, August 16th, in an act of vengeance, Hecker hacks the server making himself a mod, he bans both Pablo and Beluga and sends Beluga a ban appeal. The ban appeal has one question "What day was yesterday? (August 15)". There are two answers, "Hecker's birthday" and "Other: _______." Beluga then selects Other and writes “trick question” which saddens Hecker. Beluga then reveals the truth, that Hecker was never born and was created in a lab as a weapon against Beluga.

On August 17th, 2021, Beluga has a wallpaper on his phone saying “Hecker my beloved,” which may indicate the two have become close friends since Hecker’s birthday. Beluga than forgets his phone password and asks many people on the server to help him. Pablo and Ralph try to help, but nothing is working. Hecker eventually comes in and helps Beluga. Hecker’s method is more unorthodox than the others. Hecker tells Beluga to look under his pillow. There Beluga finds a plate. Beluga questions how it got there and asks Hecker "are you watching me??" (This does make sense because later we find out that Beluga and Hecker are neighbors) Hecker tells Beluga not worry about it and to put his phone on the plate and into the microwave for 59 seconds. After the microwave finishes, Beluga’s phone seems to have transformed into a jar of Stackers dill pickles. This shocks Beluga and in return Hecker says "Happy Birthday!".

On August 21st, Hecker pings Beluga and tells him to check the news, however Beluga disregards it and goes to school. 5 hours later, Beluga gets over 8 million friend requests! Beluga asks Hecker "whats happening??". Hecker tells Beluga "you won the lottery." This doesn't make any sense to Beluga because he never even bought a lottery ticket. It can be safely assumed that Hecker hecked the lottery to make Beluga win. Hecker warns Beluga to not trust anyone, and that they will just use him to get money. Hecker says "trust me..." followed by "ive won the lottery twice before." It can also be safely assumed that Hecker has hecked the lottery twice to make himself win. Pablo then comes and asks Beluga to buy him a Lamborghini Aventador. Hecker tries to tell Beluga to not trust him, but Pablo mutes Hecker. At the end, Beluga is left alone after giving all of his money to skittle-chan. Hecker then says that he will always be his friend. Then, the words "good ending" show up in red. Then a message from Hecker goes flying across the screen from top to bottom. it is complete gibberish, but, when the message flashes a second time, it still has Hecker's profile picture, but this time the name is Skittle. this looks like it could be one of two things, either Skittle and Hecker are teaming up, or Hecker is a clone of Skittle. The second is more likely because there is already proof that Skittle was cloned, and maybe, sense skittle-chan is probably also a clone of Skittle, we can assume that possibly both Hecker and skittle-chan worked together to make Beluga win the lottery, and then skittle-chan stole the money. once skittle-chan had the money, both Hecker and skittle-chan split their profits. Maybe.

A breach of privacy and scary things are unfolded[]

On August 23th, Hecker tells Beluga he knows where he lives. Beluga tells him to prove it, and Hecker eventually does. Beluga is freaked out at first, but then he says he knows where Hecker lives, and Beluga explains complicated steps on how he found Hecker's address. Beluga says he was kidding about the steps, and all he did was look out the window and saw Hecker, revealing that the two are in fact neighbors. Beluga then revels that he knows Hecker's real name, and that it starts with the letter "S". immediately after Beluga says this, Lester appears out of nowhere and mutes Beluga, and says to Hecker "Your secret is safe with me." He then proceeds to tell them that he bought a house, right next to Hecker, all three of them are neighbors!

On August 25th. After having trouble getting skittle-chan to follow him on Instagram, Beluga simply says to Hecker "hecker do it." He apparently knows what Beluga was talking about, and tells Beluga that the side affects are unknown, and that "people have gone missing". As he says this, an image of Skittle slowly fades in, which is abruptly cut off by Beluga saying "JUST DO IT"! Hecker than hacks into skittle-chan’s Instagram account and follows Beluga on it, but before he leaves he attempts to read skittle-chan’s DMs. Hecker is surprised to see that Lester has been working with skittle-chan, and that Lester is going to meet up with skittle-chan. From the DMs, it looks like Lester is "At the place we discussed earlier." and that Lester had brought "the map". Lester also said to skittle-chan "Make sure you aren't followed." Before Hecker says any thing about what he saw to Beluga, he tries to log out. but the log out button isn't working, all of a sudden Beluga goes offline, and then Hecker catches Lester saying "Hecker, you sussy baka."

The final battle with Lester and revival of Skittle[]

On 29th of August, Beluga runs out of storage while trying to view an image of skittle-chan in real life. This sends him into a panic. As he always does, he asks his friends for help. One of the people that reply is Hecker, revealing he is still alive and well. Hecker tells Beluga to delete the family photos. After Beluga does, the storage somehow increases and is still left with no storage to view the image of skittle-chan. Hecker then tells Beluga "that's bad" then "that's really bad." Then Lester tricks Beluga, and that causes his memories to be erased! Luckily, Hecker had a backup of Beluga's consciousness, he installed it, and Beluga gets his memories back. After this, Hecker uploads another consciousness, Skittle. Skittle was now officially online and saved!

On September 4th 2021, Hecker kicked Beluga from the server after a failed marriage.

Alternate timelines[]

On September 6th 2021, Hecker is hired by Beluga, via Hecker's website, to unblock him from Snowie’s account. Prior to this, Hecker asks if he is a cop and Beluga responds with “No”. However Hecker ends up blocking her from the entire internet. Beluga exclaims at Hecker asking him “Why” and Hecker responds with cold answers. Hecker then tells Beluga that his taking services will cost $13,000,000. Beluga then tells Hecker he IS a cop. Hecker refusing to go into custody tries to resist but, is taken by force and arrested.

On 25th of September, Hecker deletes everything from Beluga’s phone however grants him 3 wishes for “freeing him” Beluga’s first wish ends up being to get back discord. The 2nd wish is free discord nitro and after a while Beluga’s 3rd wish is for Pepper’s fish to disappear.

On October 5th. Hecker demands money from Beluga to which he refuses. This angers Hecker causing him to attempt a heck on Beluga however to no avail. Beluga revealed he’s also a hecker. Hecker is in awe of Beluga’s skill in hecking however Pablo shows up saying he is the best hecker. All 3 heckers try to show their dominance over the other by showing off their hecks. Eventually Hecker teams up with Beluga to stop Pablo as he is too “powerful” Hecker and Beluga then make a file telling Pablo, it swill show the location if every girl in the 10 mile radius. However, Pablo is tricked and gets the amogus virus.

On October 9th, Beluga calls everyone on the server stupid. His mom ends up taking his phone as punishment. Beluga asks a few of his friends for help such as Hecker. However, due to Beluga calling him stupid, he coldly denies any of Beluga’s pleas for help. This shows that despite recent events Hecker and Beluga are still somewhat friends.

On October 13th. Hecker enters the squid game for whatever reason considering the fact that he’s a hecker. He enters and passes the 1st game in which he draws a perfect circle. The 2nd game however is where Hecker meets his end in the squid game, having spelt Beluga wrong spelling it as “Begula”

The Universe collapses[]

Beluga after struggling to find a good song plays “Belupacito” Hecker intervenes warning Beluga to stop as the consequences of the beat drop are major. Beluga disregards Hecker’s pleas and so he plays it and the universe goes white and Beluga meets Dr. Meow. Beluga tries to play Belupacito but Dr. Meow intervenes and gets into an argument with Beluga with Hecker intervening and giving Beluga Admin to play the song even though mere moments before he told Beluga not to.


Hecker is Beluga’s best friend in Beluga series. He normally tries to heck other people, especially Beluga. He use to call Beluga "son," which annoyed him at first however, Hecker eventually stops using this nickname. Beluga trusts Hecker very much and often falls into various traps carefully set by Hecker. Hecker can also be vengeful shown when everyone forgot his “birthday” and so he hecked his way into becoming a mod and ends up banning Pablo and Beluga from the server temporarily. Hecker is also somewhat bipolar. In some videos he can be warm, friendly and helpful to Beluga, other times he can be easily irritated and acts similar to the mods towards Beluga.

There is a theory revolving around Hecker’s true identity. A very popular theory suggests Hecker is Skittle. Evidence that supports this is Hecker only appears after Skittle disappears. During Hecker’s forgotten birthday, Beluga tells Hecker he was a weapon made to destroy Beluga himself. Skittle caster being kidnapped by Lester, could’ve been turned into Hecker to interfere with Beluga’s relationship with skittle-chan, which is why whenever Hecker hecks or pranks Beluga, it usually interferes with his relationship with skittle-chan. Sadly there are a flaws with this theory. Due to Hecker’s growing friendship with Beluga. He begins helping Beluga without hurting his relationship with Skittle-Chan. First, the fact the skittle-chan was created by, and is Skittle (Skittle-Chan however is their own person now, which can mean Skittle has Dissociative Identity Disorder). Second, Hecker has helped Beluga without hurting the relationship between Beluga and skittle-chan. Like in the episode “When someone doesn't follow you back...” Hecker makes skittle-chan’s account follow Beluga, and this doesn’t do anything to hurt Beluga and skittle-chan’s relationship. The third and biggest flaw is that Hecker reinstalled Skittle on to discord and now the two characters are both online at the same time. This pretty much breaks the theory.

However due to Skittle’s Dissociative Identity Disorder it is possible that Hecker reinstalling him could resemble the personalities (Skittle-Chan and Hecker) to stop fighting for control letting Skittle (The main personality) be in control.

Hecker, for the most part is not a simp. Hecker hasn’t done anything for Skittle-Chan because she’s a girl, but in the first episode that Hecker is in, (When a Hacker Finds Your Password…) he only does what Beluga wants when Beluga lies and says that he’s a girl even though Hecker is able to see through his facecam because he hecked it prior to these events. Hecker has done other stuff for Beluga even after he knew that Beluga was not a girl. Hecker now instead helps Beluga, because they’re friends.

Is Hecker trustworthy?[]

It is hard to tell whether Hecker is genuinely trying to help Beluga or not. Below are arguments and counterarguments for both sides.


  • Someone actually did give Beluga a virus that gave him three million dollars.
    • This could have been Hecker himself, who wanted to win Beluga's trust.
  • If he wants Beluga's money, his supposed schemes to get it are ridiculously contrived and inefficient.
    • That could just be how Hecker works.
  • After Beluga has all of his lottery money taken away, Hecker comforts Beluga saying he will always be there for him.
  • Hecker and Beluga’s dms suggest the two frequently talk to each other.
  • Beluga’s wallpaper on his phone says “Hecker my beloved” suggests the two are in a tight friendship.
  • Hecker had a backup of Beluga's memories, bringing him back, as well as a backup of Skittle.| valign="top" style="width:50%;" |


  • He claimed to be the CEO of Microsoft by apparently scribbling over a Google screenshot.
    • Appearances can be deceiving.
  • He tried to give Beluga an "anti virus" called cryptolocker.exe.
    • Hecker named the file the wrong thing, honest mistake.


  • Hecker is based off of the meme "Big Floppa".