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Kahoot Names Be Like... is an episode of the Beluga Cinematic Universe.


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Walt gives everyone a Kahoot code with no context. Beluga puts the code in. pepper and skittle join before him, and Walt asks if everyone is ready. Beluga tells him that he is choosing a name.

Beluga at first types his real name (incorrectly spelled) with a bunch of symbols at the end.

Walt tells him to not have symbols, because they were taking a serious Kahoot quiz.

Beluga says that he is a serious cat, and Walt tells him not to make him count to three.

Beluga's name suddenly disappears from the Kahoot game.

Beluga then tries using a bad name. He googles "inapropriate kahoot names" and pastes the result into the game.

Walt gets confused, and Beluga starts laughing.

Walt doesn't get the joke, and Beluga tries to explain it to him, but says "nevermind" before he can actually explain.

Walt asks who the person is, as he doesn't get the joke.

Beluga tries to explain it to Walt, but ends up laughing again.

An image of hecker pops up on the screen, and Walt said that the (name joke) wasn't in the class that day. He kicks Beluga out of the Kahoot.

Beluga then uses pepper's name to get into the Kahoot.

Walt is confused when pepper is in the Kahoot lobby twice. Walt says he will kick one of them, and ends up kicking out the actual pepper instead of the fake one.

Pepper tells Walt that he just kicked her out of the game, and Walt says that she doesn't need two accounts, and then proceeds to say that having two accounts is cheating.

Pepper tries to complain, but Walt starts the Kahoot without her.

The question comes up, asking what color an orange is.

Beluga tells Walt that he's not in yet.

Afterwards, Beluga puts his phone number for his name, somehow ending up back in the Kahoot lobby with skittle and pepper.

Beluga gets flooded with texts, until he gets one from Walt.

Walt asks who it is, and Beluga tries to make excuses. Walt says that he will track the number and find (Beluga's) house.

Beluga then proceeds to say that he is homeless.

For confirmation, Walt asks if he lives outside.

Beluga says that he does, and that he is a cat.

Beluga realizes his mistake, and tries to correct it, but it's too late, and Walt finds out that it's Beluga, but he keeps typing his name wrong. Eventually, when he gets it right, he asks if Beluga has any last words. Beluga sends an among-us like symbol, and then a lot of among us images pop up on the screen, followed by sound effects, and an explosion.