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Life of a Discord Mod (24 hours) is a side episode in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. It revolves around Pablo Jr.'s daily routine.


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It starts with Pablo telling his son about his vision that Pablo Jr was a mod and asking if he knew what that meant. Pablo Jr didn't know. Pablo then says "it's time" and gave his son the Mod role.

Pablo Jr gets dressed at 5am and opens discord at 6am. He greets the server, and Beluga greets him back but gets excited at there being a new mod. Pablo Jr tells him to watch the caps. Beluga starts spamming and he tells him not to spam and says it's his final warning. Beluga continues spamming and Pablo Jr mutes him for 30 minutes.

At 10am, Pablo Jr steps outside and then back inside. He reviews suggestions at 10:01. He sees the suggestion "more girls" by Eugene (reason being "I'm bored") and deletes it. He deletes Becky's suggestion of a swear word filter, and then sees skittle's suggestion "HELP, dil i don't have much time heeelp" and deletes it.

3pm is Pablo Jr's breakfast time. He prepares some Cheerios in a bowl of water. He's about to eat it when a girl by the name of Luna tags him. She apologizes for the ping and asks if he was busy. He replies saying he was at the computer the whole time. Luna says she noticed he got mod. He goes to the staff chat asking his father for help. Pablo tells him to stay calm and let him handle this. He goes into the group chat, tries to talk to Luna and scares her away.

At 5pm, Pablo Jr lifts a weight one time. Afterwards, he goes back to check on the server at 5:01.

and then He saw a bunch of minion memes and then he died.