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Never Google this word... is a video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.


You will regret it.


The video starts with Beluga googling clear his search history, which Hecker advised him not to do since it is very dangerous, but despite many warning Beuga googled it anyway. After Beluga googled it, Alarms kicked off and Beluga's search history was checked by the FBI. Belugas's history was Checked, to which beluga revealed to Hecker after a few questions that he had googled how to get free Robux. because of this, the FBI tracked him down and wanted to arrest him, but Beluga made up the excuse that it had been because of a school project, and so, he was let go, although with supervision. Hecker told Beluga not do search anything weird, but he immediately searched up how to track a girlfriend's telephone, but stopped after seeing that the FBI was tracking him. Beluga then, under Heckers ideas, attempted to make the Agent leave. First, the googled something scary(Beluga) which the agent found cute, then something cringe(minions) which the agent found funny , Something boring(Math) which the agent found easy and finally, flat-out loud told him to leave, which the agent said he can't, as it was his job to track Beluga down. Beluga then had a final trick up his sleeve, and Put of on rickroll for 10 hours, which was strong enough to defeat the cussing agent and free Beluga.

The Lesson at the end is to "use the enemy's greatest strength against them"