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Pablo is a demigod and is one of the main characters for Beluga. He has a discord server called Pablo’s Hub and he is a simp and strict.

His Real name Danielson (Pablo) He's also starting his own YT Channel and discord server

check his YT


Pablo or Mr. Porn is first seen as strict and ruthless, but he eventually warms up to Beluga and Skittle, becoming more than just friends and ending up having a threesome.

But when a girl appeared, Pablo become more kind and less ruthless. It is also shown that he had a son named Pablo Jr., who was also a mod in his server. Pablo Jr. died because there were memes in general. Pablo also presumably has a crush on Skittle-chan and/or Beluwuga and wished that he could have a threesome with them.

He goes on a rampage once asked "why do you have a beard on your neck?". Because of this, he creates rules including not insulting him.

In the episode: 'When You Win the Lottery...' Pablo proved to go to any lengths to get what he wants, in this instance, successfully manipulating Beluga into buying him a fleshlight and a car.

In the video Life of a Discord Mod (24 hours) Pablo's son Pablo Jr. dies and Pablo does not speak about his son's death. not even Beluga or Luna or Becky speak about Pablo Jr's. death even though beluga Becky and Luna interacted with Pablo Jr. that day



Appearances of Pablo

In the video "When you ask for a plastic straw at Starbucks," he works at McDonalds. It is known that he got fired and is now working in a strip club.