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Evacuate the server.
When Your Phone Charges Overnight...

Ralph is a minor character in the Beluga cinematic universe.


Discord Mods Be Like...

In Discord Mods Be Like..., Ralph makes his first appearance.

When Your Phone Charges Overnight...

In When Your Phone Charges Overnight..., Ralph panics when Beluga claims that he charged his phone overnight and immediately evacuates the server. It is then later revealed by Snowie, that she and Ralph were pulling a prank on Beluga.

When You Forget Your Passcode...

Halloween in 2021 be like...

Wait... What?

Beluga saw a very weird weather, but he didn't mind

When a Discord Moderator gets demoted...


Ralph is a very strict mod, will be distrustful of anyone that does literally anything, especially Beluga.

Ralph owns a voice channel called ralphs funhouse its first and only appearance so far

in the video Halloween 2021, skittle-chan knocks on ralphs door and while ralph says his wife is getting the candy, Ralph takes skittle-chan into his "funhouse" and skittle-chan disappears.


Appearances of Ralph


  • Ralph appears in Beluga's first video and is the first discord mod that Beluga encounters.
  • He and Trevor were both born in the 1960s in the beluga universe.