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Russia is a country-themed character that is not officially in the Beluga Cinematic Universe, but is in one of Beluga's video. They are clearly named after the real life country of the same name.


As a mod, Russia is cold and strict with those that violate the rules, although not nearly as some of the other mods. They also don't seem to interact with other users, until they get fed up and merges the entire server into one channel.


Countries Portrayed by Discord

AmericanUSA tries to get Britain to ping Russia with him, since Russia is offline. Britain refuses, so AmericanUSA spam pings Russia by himself. Russia then goes online and bans AmericanUSA.

Later, AmericanUSA rejoins as an alt called "American Samoa". Russia eventually notices this and bans American Samoa again.

Ireland offers Japan beer, but Japan tells Ireland she is 12. China quickly deletes Japan's messages and DM's her, saying the Discord minimum age is 13 and that Russia will ban her. Russia somehow gets into their DM and notices this. This causes Japan's account to get deleted.

Eventually, Russia deletes all of the text channels and voice channels, leaving only one of each named "Russia". China tells Russia to look up. Russia in real life sees a bear checking his phone, which runs off once it realizes Russia is fixing the server.

Appearances of Russia


  • Russia's Discord profile picture is the same as Skittle.