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Skittle is an astronaut Shiba Inu and a character in The Beluga Cinematic Universe. He is a friend of Beluga. He normally hangs out with Beluga and helps him in some way. He was kidnapped by Lester on June 28, 2021, and went missing until December 1, 2007 before being rescued by Hecker.


Skittle was born c. 1999, 21/22 years before 3/5/2021. And a astronaut in Soviet union (cccp)

Skittle first apeared on June 26, 2021 in the video Discord Server Owners Be Like.... In the video, he and Beluga, who were talking on Pablo's Pub about whether ketchup or mustard is superior, were interrupted by Pablo.

Eventually, Skittle and Beluga hatched a plan to take control of Pablos' Pub. Skittle disguised himself as Skittle-chan, and used Pablo's weakness for females to trick him into making Skittle the admin of Pablo's Pub.

Skittle's next appearance was on June 28, 2021, in the video Discord Ban Speedrun (97.1% effective). To help Beluga get banned from Lester's Minivan, he disguised himself as Skittle-chan to trick server admin/mod Lester into banning Beluga.

Skittle (as Skittle-chan) successfully got Beluga banned by making it look as though Beluga was his new boyfriend. However, it backfired, causing Lester to kidnap him![2] Skittle was bondaged by Lester, cloned by the dummy system plants, and the abduction case made its way onto the TV TOKYO news. Beluga began using the hashtag #FREE_SKITTLE to support his friend, while Pablo used Skittle's abduction as an example of how attachment leads mods to the dark side, referencing how Lester got attached to skittle-chan, and bondaged him.[3]

Skittle's mother Becky later visited Pablo's Pub on to look for her son, but Lester denied involvement and Becky was soon distracted by Minion memes.[4] A few days later, Lester moved a user, probably Skittle, to Mexico. Although Skittle begged for help in a scrambled mess, Pablo Jr. ignored his pleas. Beluga made posters about Skittle's disappearance, although they—probably incorrectly—claimed that he was last seen on April 25 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[5]

On December 1, 2007. Hecker revealed he had a backup of Skittle's consciousness and rescued Skittle.[6]

On an unknown date, probably after the previous event, Skittle plays (squid game) among us with Pablo and Beluga.

Sometime after that event, Skittle starts back an old conversation in Pablo’s pub by saying “Anyways, as I was saying, mustard is better than ketchup.” Pablo says that he owns the sever, probably to Skittle who doesn’t know this. Pablo mutes Beluga and calls Skittle a "sussy impostor amogus boy," probably because they had just recently played (squid game) among us. After Beluga told him about Pablo's weakness to females in their DMs, Skittle was cloned, but it was a girl named skittle-chan, and complimented Pablo's beard, calling him "attractive" and manipulating Pablo into making him the Server Owner.


  • In one episode, where Beluga asks hecker for help to go into skittle-chan's instagram DM, hecker warns Beluga that it is dangerous, that people have gone missing, a picture of skittle fades in, so this implies that skittle probably got lost because of this.
  • His profile picture is an edited image of Dogwifhat.
  • skittle-chan being a clone of skittle/part of the dummy system plant full of Skittle clones is almost confirmed. Because in Boys vs Girls Sleepover, Skittle is in Beluga's house, while Skittle-Chan is in Pepper's house at the same time. Also, Skittle-Chan was suffocated due to one of hecker's hacks later on in the video. But Skittle still remained fine, indicating that skittle and skittle-chan are not the same person. But they are probably clones/a part of the dummy system plant full of Skittle Clones
  • It was revealed Skittle fell for an imposter of his mom and went missing, he even warned Beluga not to fall for a Belu-mom imposter
  • some videos, he wears a school hat and a glasses
  • He is Beluga's best friend
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