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Skittle-Chan is a character of the Beluga Cinematic Universe. She and many other females on discord can control all people by their "im a girl btw" quote. Although it is heavily implied that Skittle-Chan becomes a (probably) completely different person, considering that she was kidnapped and has been cloned by Lester in When a Hacker Fixes Your Computer... in another episode skittle-chan is a clone of skittle used to destroy Pablo and beluga as a plan B if hecker fails. (see image below.) In the episode “When your storage runs out” After Lester tricks Beluga into deleting his memories, Hecker restores Beluga’s memories with a backup file and had one more backup for skittle, Lester starts to panic, so we can assume by restoring skittle’s consciousness, we lose skittle-chan. However, skittle-chan is seen in later videos, so maybe by restoring skittle, they fully separated skittle and skittle-chan making them completely different people. Therefore, skittle-chan and skittle can live simultaneously without affecting each other in any way. Beluga likes skittle-chan, but it is unclear if she likes him back (the information below says otherwise. skittle-chan acts shy around all boys unless she is angry.).

Information about her age, height, and birth date is unkown, though as an alter-ego of skittle, it is possible that she has the same birthday as him.


  • The end of her name (-chan) is an honorific suffix from the Japanese language, and is specifically meant for girls.
  • Her Profile source was created in amachiromaker by 甘城なつき (The illustrator who created Gawr Gura).

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