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skittle-chan is a major supporting character in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. She and many other females on discord can control all people by their "I'm a girl, btw." quote. In the episode “When your storage runs out” After Lester tricks Beluga into deleting his memories, hecker restores Beluga’s memories with a backup file and had one more backup for skittle, Lester starts to panic, so we can assume by restoring skittle’s consciousness, we lose skittle-chan. However, skittle-chan is seen in later videos, so maybe by restoring skittle, they fully separated skittle and skittle-chan making them completely different people. Therefore, skittle-chan and skittle can live simultaneously without affecting each other in any way. Beluga likes skittle-chan, and she seems to also like him back (the information below says otherwise. skittle-chan acts shy around all boys unless she is angry.)

She also sometimes depends on hecker and Beluga because she might be a bot.

Information about her age, height, and birth date is unknown, though as a clone of skittle/part of the dummy system plant full of skittle clones, it is possible that she has the same birthday as him.


Skittle-chan (or Skittle-bot) first appeared as a disguise of Skittle in the early videos. Skittle used this disguise to manipulate Discord mods into giving him mod or admin priveledges. However, the Skittle-chan disguise backfired when Lester, thinking that Skittle (as Skittle-chan) was a female, kidnapped Skittle, who was "never seen again."



skittle-chan has a crush on Beluga and is seen to be close friends with him in many videos. She is always kind to Beluga and sometimes even does whatever he says. She even went as far as almost marrying him, but she messed up his keyboard, causing Beluga to accidentally type that he had a girlfriend, this makes skittle-chan go offline due to deep sadness. This shows how much she loves Beluga.


skittle-chan and hecker don't interact much in the Beluga Cinematic Universe, so they are usually on neutral terms. However, in Boys vs Girls Sleepover, hecker was seen to hack skittle-chan, pepper and snowball's oxygen, causing them to suffocate. In When Your Keyboard Gets Hacked..., hecker is seen to have a crush on skittle-chan as he disguises as Beluga and asks skittle-chan "is hecker cute?". She responds saying that she thinks hecker's scary. This causes hecker to use hacks to delete skittle-chan's discord account.


  • The end of her name (-Chan) is an honorific suffix from the Japanese language, and is specifically meant for girls.
  • Her Profile source was created in amachiromaker by 甘城なつき (The illustrator who created Gawr Gura).
  • skittle-chan being a clone of skittle/part of the dummy system plant full of skittle clones is almost confirmed. Because in Boys vs Girls Sleepover, skittle is in Beluga's house, while skittle-chan is in pepper's house at the same time. Also, skittle-chan was suffocated due to one of hecker's hacks later on in the video. But skittle still remained fine, indicating that skittle and skittle-chan are different people.
  • Skittle-chan became the first lady aka president's wife possibly because beluga became president in January 20, 2025 after he won the 2024 election.