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Snowie is a character from Beluga universe. In her first appearance, she and Ralph pranked Beluga that his phone would explode, killing him after Beluga charged his phone overnight. She then ran with Ralph. When Beluga said his goodbyes to his friends, Snowie came with Ralph telling him it was a prank before Beluga's phone really exploded.

After this, Snowie’s next appearance is in the video called “The ending will shock you…” In this video, Snowie is writing an exam and doesn’t want to be disturbed, but Beluga keeps directly messaging her. Snowie then blocks Beluga, but Beluga tries to get Hecker to make Beluga unblocked. Hecker misunderstands and blocks Snowie from the entire world.

Later, Snowie accidentally ate a Lego and survived. Recently, however on the 7th of October in Checking Discord In The Morning, she is believed to also be kidnapped by Lester, considering the fact that when Beluga questioned him, he left quickly.


  • In the future, Snowie could have a battle with Skittle-Chan, though this is not directly confirmed.
  • She has a very unique profile from Luna, Skittle-chan, and Pepper.
  • Snowie could've been enemies with Skittle-Chan, since Snowie is jealous because they both like Beluga.
  • Her Profile source was taken from this Pixiv art called Ringo-chan or Shirase Ichiru.