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You're going 600 MPH in a school zone!
Get Away with Any Crime in 3.071 Seconds

Vladimir is a minor recurring character in The Beluga Cinematic Universe.


Turning off Airplane Mode during a Flight...

He first appears in the episode, Turning off Airplane Mode during a Flight.... In this episode, Vladimir is the pilot of the plane, and Lester is security, when all of a sudden, 18 hours into the flight, the controls for the plane stop working, and the power goes out! Vladimir luckily has a plan B, and then, nine hours later, they land in some unknown location.

Never say this at a restaurant...

The next video he's in is Never say this at a restaurant.... This video takes place at a Burger King. Lester the chef, hands Beluga a pizza and says to enjoy his meal. Beluga says you too, but Lester doesn't have a meal. When Vladimir hears about this, being the manager of the Burger King, he calls an airstrike on Beluga. Beluga barely escapes.

Get Away with Any Crime in 3.071 Seconds

Another video that Vladimir is in is Get Away with Any Crime in 3.071 Seconds. In this one, he is a police officer and is trying to get Beluga to stop going 600 MPH in a school zone. Beluga pretends that he's french to avoid getting arrested. However, Vladimir understands french. When Beluga lied that he doesn't speak French at all, he said that he speaks Chinese. But however, Chinese doesn't work, Russian doesn't work, Italian also doesn't work, even math and computer language didn't work. When Beluga pretends to speak his own made-up language, this works! Vladimir is fooled, for a little while, but he has a plan. Out of nowhere, a girl, Sweetie23, comes onto the sever, and she is looking for a boyfriend. Vladimir says that Beluga is online, but that he doesn't speak English. Beluga announces in all caps that he does speak English! Then sweetie23 says that she is undercover. sweetie23 is most likely Lester, or maybe something Lester created. Then Beluga gets arrested. Beluga will spend the next 2 years in a maximum security prison.

When Your Screen Time runs out...

Vladimir next appears in the video, When Your Screen Time runs out.... There, he asks Beluga why he changed his time zone to Russia. Beluga says he changed to get more time on screen time. Vladimir then says that since Russia gave Beluga time, Beluga now has to give Russia time, and says that Beluga needs to do 40 years of military service. Beluga 'escaped' to North Korea by changing the time zone once again but ended up having Discord unavailable.


  • Judging by Vladimir's title, he is most likely a communist from the Soviet Union.
  • He was born 2 days before MrBeast was born, it is unknown that he was created or was born.
  • He has the same name as Russia's President, Vladimir Putin.
  • He is a minor character