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When Mom Calls You For Dinner... is Beluga's 50th video, posted on September 14.


It starts with Skittle informing Beluga that he found buried treasure, $400 million in gold. Beluga replies "No Way!". He asks Skittle where the treasure is. Skittle is about to tell him when Belu-Mom joins the server. She calls Beluga for dinner and spams bell emojis. Beluga tells her to stop and she says "Excuse me?" Skittle bans her after. Beluga thanks skittle, who says "No problem" and then is about to tell Beluga where the treasure is when Belu-mom rejoins.

She greets them and spams bell emojis. Beluga asks her how she joined when she was banned, to which she replies that she has friends on the dark web. Beluga tells her he's talking with a friend and asks if he can finish, but she demands that he come upstairs. Beluga begins typing "okay fine" when Skittle tells him not to listen to her. He immediately deletes his message and asks skittle why. Skittle then tells Beluga that Belu-mom is an imposter. Beluga asks Belu-mom if she is his mum, to which she replies, 'Of course.'

Then, Papa Beluga joins the server and asks Beluga to go upstairs for dinner. Skittle yells that they're imposters, but Belu-mom sets herself as owner and bans Skittle. Papa Beluga starts to count to 3, and Beluga then resends the "okay fine" message and goes upstairs. A text appears in the ending, saying "never go upstairs for dinner. It could be a trap".