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When You Win the Kahoot by Guessing... is an episode in the Beluga Cinematic Universe.


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Beluga is playing Kahoot. He gets several answers correct in a row. Walt gets suspicious. Then, a hard question about Cars 2 pops up. Beluga is confused, and Walt tells him that they watched Cars 2 yesterday in class, and then proceeds to ask if Beluga was asleep.

Beluga says he wasn't asleep. However, he doesn't know the answer. So he clicks a random one, and gets it correct.

After that, Walt DMs him, telling him to stay after class. When Beluga asks why, Walt says it's because Beluga is cheating, and that they watched Cars 1 and not Cars 2. Beluga replies that he is not cheating, and Walt says that he'd see about that, and then a math formula pops up. Pepper tells Walt that they haven't learned that, while Beluga guesses once again, and gets it correct. Walt gets angry.

Beluga then proceeds to answer even more questions correctly by guessing, while Walt slowly gets more and more mad. Later, Beluga has gotten 20/21 questions in a row by guessing. Walt asks him how he's doing it, where Beluga finally admits he is guessing.

Walt goes over the odds of how impossible that is, and Beluga simply replies that he is a lucky cat. After that, Elon Musk enters the server. Elon Musk tells Beluga that what he did is impressive, and then asks him if he can ask a question. Beluga says he can, and then the last Kahoot question comes up. It reads "Are we living in a simulation?"

Beluga rambles about how easy that question was, and how he didn't even need to guess. He clicks "no", and gets it wrong. Hecker begins hissing, and the world spins.


  • hecker is not mentioned by name, but can be seen in the Kahoot game, along with a minor role at the end.