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When a Hacker Finds Your Password... is a video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe. The plot revolves around hecker having just discovered Beluga's password. It is the first appearance of hecker.


The video begins with hecker telling Beluga on Discord that he knows his password, having found it by hacking Beluga's stuff.

Despite hecker's threats, Beluga doesn't really care. He thanks hecker for reminding him what his password was, and doesn't care about hecker using his password to steal his money, impersonate Beluga, or anything else.

Eventually, Beluga convinces hecker to hack Lester's account (Beluga accomplishes this by saying that he's a girl). However, just as hecker is about to hack Lester's account, Lester himself shows up on the Discord chat, causing hecker to run away. Despite this, hecker manages to hack Lester's account.

At the end of the video, hecker (using Lester's account) tells Beluga that the pizza person is knocking at the door...despite hecker not ordering any pizza. Beluga then turns to look IRL at the door, which opens, scaring Beluga. It is implied that the one opening Beluga's door is Lester himself.