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When you outsmart the doctor... Is a video in the Beluga Cinematic Universe


This is a 10000 IQ play.


Docter tells Beluga that he has only 1 minute left to live, similar to the other videos in which he appeared. However, this time Beluga points out that he has not paid his medical bill($1,745) which Docter forgot and, after loading a meme asks what happens if he dies before paying. Docter(Who is revealed to be american) is NOT letting that happen and orders a nerveous Beluga to get into a scanner. Beluga wondered if the machine was safe and docter said that it had a 50% success rate, so beluga expertly asked it to be done twice to assure a 100% success, and, surprisingly, it works and is works and is a success meaning Beluga is cured and happy. However, he now owes Docter $83, 980. Beluga tries to get out of paying by using an uno reverse card, however, after an intense card battle Docter won since Beluga ran out of cards and he still had UwU card, and proceeded to threaten Beluga to pay. Beluga proceeded to approach Docter and take his mask off, as well as cough, which got him beaten up and knocked out by Docter. He finally waked up after 999 hours, and was stuck in the sussy baka room due to covid-19. Beluga argued it was a prank and he is not actually sick and asked to be let out, but Docter said that he had to PAY first. Beluga agreed and gave Docter "his" credit card. Upon checking it, he let Beluga out and wished him a nice day.

However, Docter suddenly noticed his credit cart was missing and deduced that Beluga, who was acting sheepishly, had stolen his credit card while pretending to cough and get Covid, but decided to ask Beluga. Beluga pretended to be Blind, but Docter demanded to get his credit card back, but Beluga now says he had Ligma. Docter takes it as a joke, and is angry but Beluga incorrectly corrects his spelling, which makes Docter even angrier since he went to school for 20 years. Beluga said he also went to school for 20 years, but Docter does NOT believe him and asks which school. Beluga said Kisma academy, whcih Docter did not know and as such, asked him to elaborate. Beluga then says "Kisma Balls" which SHOCKS Docter.

The moral is:

"Doctors are great as long as you don't need them"